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Automation and Access Control

Scroll Gates are official agents and distributors for electric gate and hydraulic gate, automatic barriers and Access Control Systems manufacturers including CAME, BFT, FAAC.

Automation systems fitted by Scroll Gates from; initial groundwork, through to installation, fitting and final commissioning. With almost 50 years in the gate business, you can be assured of a professional, experienced electric gate/barrier installation that is convenient, impressive and above all safe.

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Why Choose Electric Gates?

Choosing to automate your gates, should they be a new set of gates or existing gates, provides your home and entranceway with the following benefits.

They are convenient & secure
Behind a set of closed and locked gates, you can be confident that your property and possessions are secured. However many homeowners with manual gates find that they choose to leave them open rather than get out of their car and close them after they have passed through.

Automatically closing electric gates removes this inconvenience by shutting after you have passed through and irreversible motors effectively lock the gates upon closing. You can be confident your gate is secure and your gates will prevent unwanted access.

Electric gates are an investment and can provide status
A great looking and stylish set of electric gates can add real value to your house. Many previous electric gate owners will put purchasing automated gates to the top of their list when they move house.

A well maintained home with an impressive entrance can be a real plus to the locality. At Scroll Gates we find that once one property on the street has fitted electric gates, we get multiple enquiries from neighbours looking to improve their homes.

Underground Gate Automation
Underground Gate motors sit below the ground at the hinge ends of the gate. Hidden from view, underground electric gate motors affect the look of your entranceway the least. Specialist electric motors or hydraulic motors are designed to operate in damp and wet conditions.

Worm/Ram Drive Gate Automation
Powerful post mounted operators often also described as ram style motors. Electrically operated versions function on a screw driven system shortening the fulcrum of the gate causing it to swing open. The design of the motor is usually fairly low profile and although visible from within the property can be less obtrusive than some styles.

Articulate Arm Gate Automation
Post mounted motors with long reach articulated arms that offer great flexibility especcially on gates attached to deep brick pillars. Smart engineering ensures the articulation never scissors for safety. Articulated arm motors are often more simple to install and from the exterior of the property can be almost invisible.

Sliding Gate Automation
Especially suited to driveways that are limited for space, on a steep incline or where the drive turns sharply to the left or right. Sliding gate motors move the gate parallel to the entrance either on a track or using a cantilever system. Often involving a little more initial groundwork and requiring slightly more maintenance, sliding gates can offer the advantages of electric gates in situations where automated swing gates would be impossible.

Automatic/Manual Barriers
Used to control access to premises where there is a moderate to heavy flow of passages, but still offers a smart and professional look. Other safety features can be incorporated to enhance the security. These are best used for car parks; residential apartment buildings, offices or commercial units where there is a high volume of traffic.

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Access Control Systems

Entry Phone Systems:

Scroll Gates Limited offers a complete solution to your access control systems. We can offer our customers the best and widest range in access control from the leading industry providers BPT and Videx.

We can work with hardwired systems, wire-free intercoms or GSM intercoms.

Scroll Gates will recommend the system that best suits your access requirements. Whether you require a basic audio system or a 1000 apartment multi entrance video system, we will help find the best solution for you via audio or video intercoms.

If your requirements are for a residential property or multi-entrance perhaps our GSM intercoms will provide your access solution by being programmed to call directly to your landline or mobile phone.

A dedicated member of Scroll gates will help you decide, which, is the best solution, for your needs.

Entrance and Exit loop

Scroll Gates can install an entrance and exit loop that is cut into your driveway. This will allow the gate to open automatically when any vehicle passes over it. This is perfect for commercial or domestic properties that have multi occupancy where key fobs aren’t desired. A timer can be added to make the premises secure at certain times.


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Typical Electric Gate Installation Process

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Scroll Gates is a small family owned company, first established over 50 years ago. This means we give our customers a service that is personal with both honest and fair advice and competitive pricing, whilst, ensuring all your needs is met. We also provide the highest level of after-care for all our installations. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority.

Our Services Include:

  • Gate and Barrier Servicing/ installation
  • Gate Automation  – new, replacement and fault finding
  • Access Control Systems – entry phones, keypads, exit/ entrance loops
  • GSM entry systems
  • Cabling and ducting
  • Raising bollards
  • Manufacture of Metal Estate and Driveway Gates
  • Manufacture of Timber Gates, Field Gates, Garden and Side gates.
  • Swing, Sliding, Bi-fold, Cantilever gates
  • Security Panels and Gates
  • Balconies and Balustrades
  • Handrails
  • Bespoke projects/ restoration work
  • Specialist welding (aluminium, stainless steel, braising and cast iron)
  • Site welding
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