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Servicing and Repairs

Scroll Gates is confident that our new installations will be successful, in the event of any repairs needed we offer our customers a 1 year warranty for parts and labour if your system fails due to a part failure.

Keeping our installations operating exactly as they should is very important to us, even if you are not the original purchaser we will do everything possible to ensure the minimum inconvenience in the unlikely event of a repair being needed.

Almost every part we have ever supplied is still available from stock.

  • Our engineer can call, normally within 5 working days,
  • A standard call out charge normally allows us the time required to diagnose the problem.
  • Should further work be required, we would advise you of this and work would commence on an hourly rate.
  • Mileage is charged in addition to our call-out charges.

Scroll gates is happy to take over the service and maintenance of gates/barriers that we have not fitted where the gates hold a certificate of conformity (this proves they comply with the current health and safety standards) and where the automation is either CAME, FAAC or BFT.

Routine Servicing

Maintenance of all machines is important so that an extended life may be gained and powered gates are no exception. Regular servicing, testing and scheduled maintenance is something that Scroll Gates can offer all its customers and provide the necessary paperwork to show that your gates are in full working order.

All systems that we fit or automation fitted by other companies, we would advise, should be regularly maintained, once per year would be the optimum time.

Scroll Gates offers regular maintenance contracts for our Commercial Customers, where we would do standard maintenance checks on a rolling basis; 6 monthly or yearly depending on usage.

Scroll gates offers regular 6 monthly or yearly maintenance for our domestic customer as well.

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Fault Finding

With a properly designed and installed system whether by Scroll or anyone else, faults, thankfully are rare. The large manufactures, CAME (claim to be the largest in Europe), FAAC, & BFT have been manufacturing for so long that persistent problems have been ironed out.

Dozens of lesser known companies are now exporting to this country as the market here grows and although prices can be very competitive, Scroll Gates’s policy is to only use products with a proven track record.

Where a system is no longer under warranty we can send an engineer out to investigate what the fault may be. Scroll gates has highly knowledgeable engineers who are adept at fault finding.

  • Charged under our minimum call out rates (please enquire on 02380612028) we start by giving you a 2 hour window. After this time an hourly rate is chargeable.
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Certificates of Conformity

Our skilled engineers are available to perform assessments on gates and check that all your gates conform to the Health and Safety rules and regulations as determined by the Machinery Directive 2006.

We have a set charge for this service and where a gates fails we can offer our customers the most effective solution to ensure that they have gates or barriers that operate within the legal perimeters of the law.

Crush Force Testing

Scroll Gates also offers a crush force testing service where a specialist calibrated gauge tests the force of the gates where it could create a crushing point. The gauge checks that they are operating within safe levels that have been set out in the Machine Directive 2006.

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Scroll Gates is a small family owned company, first established over 50 years ago. This means we give our customers a service that is personal with both honest and fair advice and competitive pricing, whilst, ensuring all your needs is met. We also provide the highest level of after-care for all our installations. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority.

Our Services Include:

  • Gate and Barrier Servicing/ installation
  • Gate Automation  – new, replacement and fault finding
  • Access Control Systems – entry phones, keypads, exit/ entrance loops
  • GSM entry systems
  • Cabling and ducting
  • Raising bollards
  • Manufacture of Metal Estate and Driveway Gates
  • Manufacture of Timber Gates, Field Gates, Garden and Side gates.
  • Swing, Sliding, Bi-fold, Cantilever gates
  • Security Panels and Gates
  • Balconies and Balustrades
  • Handrails
  • Bespoke projects/ restoration work
  • Specialist welding (aluminium, stainless steel, braising and cast iron)
  • Site welding
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